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Foxrock has a long, prestigious history within the organisation of St. John Ambulance. We have always tried to assist our local community in the best way that we can. Each Division prides itself on training its members to the highest standard to compete in the national St. John Ambulance first aid competitions where all 3 Divisions have been extremely successful over the past decade. Our member’s are drawn from every area of society, from students to home-makers, from teachers to medical staff. This mixture of skills enhances our training, and coupled with extra courses, such as Pre-Hospital Emergency Care Council (PHECC) approved courses and skill levels keep us prepared for a variety of difficult and stressful medical emergencies which we may encounter during our Civic duty.


Meetings and Training

Cadet Meeting Times: Monday/Friday 7pm - 9pm
Adult Meeting Times: Monday 8pm - 10pm
Meeting Location: Hollypark National School
Email Address:
Additional information:
(If required) Male cadets meet at Hollypark National School between 7 and 9pm on Monday Female cadets meet at St. Brigid's Girls School on Fridays between 7 and 9 pm.
Foxrock Division FaceBook page: facebook-logo

Latest News - Foxrock Division

  • Belvo Minis: Irelands Future Star’s 15/10/2017

    It was a beautiful autumnal Sunday morning as Conor and I started the regular Divisional duty as members of St. John Ambulance at the ‘Belvo Minis’. The Old Belvedere Mini Rugby programme is for boys and girls between the ages of 6 and 12 who want to learn to play Rugby. Matches and Training take […]

  • Training Scenario: Shooting at the Aviva 02/10/2017

    The Monday 02/10/2017 started out like any other typical Monday training session. Everyone was chatting and listening as Cadet Superintendent Karen Egan and Adult Corporal Colin Egan ran through the usual lectures on bandaging techniques and burn care when suddenly we hear shouts and screams from the lower corridor. Naturally we all race from the […]

  • Assisting Our Local Rugby Community

    Foxrock member’s were once again out in force to help support our local rugby club team’s on Friday 06/07/2017. This much anticipated match between De La Salle rugby club versus University College Dublin (UCD) rugby club was a highly speculated match as the winner would be one step closer to the final of the league. […]

  • Training Scenario – Car Crash 21/08/2017

    Always expect the unexpected training cadets is an extremely important task for us. We want our cadets to accel in first aid and have develop a passion for them through first aid and helping people. However training from slides and manuals can get a little boring over time and can make cadets lose interest in […]

  • Meeting the Team behind Foxrock

    Foxrock has always had a high standard to meet within St John Ambulance and this can only be made possible through the hard work and efficient management of the division locally. Currently we have one of the strongest management teams that we have ever had, run by members that have years of experience with first […]

HQ Contact details

St John Ambulance Ireland
29 Upper Leeson Street
Dublin 4, Ireland

tel: (0)1 668 8077

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Volunteer for Us

We are always looking for bright and enthusiastic people who enjoy team work and want to learn new skills.

St.John Ambulance is made up of volunteers from every walk in life, from those professionally involved with pre-hospital care to people who had no previous experience of first aid prior to joining the organisation.

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We receive no State funding. We are entirely dependent on contributions from the public and donations made to the Organisation for services rendered by our volunteer members.

All donations, however small, are therefore greatly appreciated.