About Swords Division

Swords Division was established in 2014.  Since the we have grown and have One ambulance, first aid tent and a Cycle Response Unit (CRU). We have 25 adult members from basic first aid, EMT to Nurses.  In 2019, our cadet division was formed.  Our division is lead by our Officer in Charge Mr Jamie Bollard MStJ, assisted by our senior NCO’s Michael, Noel, Jock and Claire (cadets).

Our Cycle response unit was donated to us in 2019 by One4All gift cards.  We are a very active division with a wide area to cover in North Co. Dublin.

We provide professional event medical cover for any event, providing our Ambulance, CRU, Tent, First aid patrols and more.  Our division provides First Aid courses, demos, talks and more, with our experienced instructors Noel, Jamie, Michael, Gerard and Declan.  Our training equipment is of the highest standards including our full body CPR, Airway and Trauma manikin