About Cork City Division

The adult section of the organisation in Cork is known as Cork City Combined Division. Our membership is approx. 40 adults ranging from 16 years and upwards. We provide a uniformed, well trained group that is always in readiness for a major incident.

The Division maintains three ambulances and a 4 x 4 vehicle. These vehicles are extremely well equipped and must be in readiness at all times for emergency call-out. The Cork City Combined Division forms part of the HSE Joint Cork Emergency Plan, and has been called-out several times under this plan.

Our membership is drawn from every area of society, from students to home-makers, and from tradesmen to emergency personnel. This mixture of skills enhances our training, and coupled with extra courses, such Cardiac First Response, Emergency First Responder and more recently, Emergency Medical Technician, these will prepare our members for the varying emergency situations they come across on Public Duty.

Our main workload is our attendance at large and small crowd events. These events range from GAA, Soccer and Rugby games, to equestrian and point to points, or any event requiring First aid or Ambulance cover. Most events take place at weekends, but we provide cover 365 days a year.

Our members also provide assistance and instruction on courses we offer to the public. These courses are valuable for recruitment and general First Aid training for the public, and industry.

During the summer months, we have “on location” outdoor training sessions, and train for any incidents that could arise there. We also train for inter-divisional First Aid competitions which take place annually.