About Cavan Division

St. John Ambulance Cavan division has been up and running since March 2012. Since 2012 we have gained a lot of fantastic volunteers from all walks of life. We have gained people with previous first aid experience and we have also gained people with no first aid experience whatsoever, but that doesn’t matter in St. John Ambulance as we run basic first aid courses throughout the year for the general public, new members joining us and also we run a refresher course for our current members to make sure their knowledge is as up to date as it can be so that they can provide the best care for our patients.

We are based in Virginia, Co. Cavan on Monday nights from 7:45 – 10:00 pm, while the rest of the week we are covering duties throughout the country. We cover a various of events throughout the year, we cover events such as: Concerts, local sports events, community events, family fun days and so much more!