Mental health matters today and always

Today we celebrate World Mental Health Day with the goal of raising awareness of mental health issues around the world and mobilizing efforts in support of mental health.

Picture of a man with the text World Health Day 10 October 2020

But more than a goal it is a hope. A hope that all our members, friends and families remember that they are not alone. This year has been particularly hard and some of us might be struggling, we all have our ups and downs and there is nothing wrong in asking for help. Limits have been pushed for all of us, yet we remain giving our best every day, challenges will remain, but so will we.

Let us be here for whoever needs us, let us be here for our loved ones. Let us break the stigma. Let us support each other. Your mental health matters, you matter. Today and always.

In St John Ambulance we care for the mental health not just of our patients but of our own as well.