Community response programme scaling down

As the movement restrictions are being stepped down we are scaling down our Community Response Programme as a lot of its work is no longer required. This programme was started in April when people were cocooned with no access to essential services or no facility to arrange collection of essential items.

With the invaluable support of Windsor Motors who supplied a fleet of Nissan Qashqai’s to work alongside our own vehicles, and the generosity of Connacht Print and Signs who supplied the livery our volunteers have delivered shopping, medication, hot meals and PPE to homes, care facilities and hospitals all over the country.

We worked alongside so many pharmacies and shops who were working hard to ensure their customer’s were looked after in tough times and of course the super crew in Slunch Box who supplied thousands of meals for delivery to people in need.

This was a true community effort where everyone contributed to the one goal. Special thanks to our fantastic volunteers who have given countless hours over the past couple of months being there for their communities.

Our local Divisions are still active and available to help should any local business need assistance so please feel free to contact them.