The Beast from the East!


Some photos taken by crews whilst they were out and about supporting our colleagues in the National Ambulance Service. In addition to inter hospital transfers etc, we also facilitated a snow bound nurse by bringing her to her place of work. We also had one of our members manning the TETRA radio system in the JVCC based in Order of Malta NHQ.


After a long,tiring and at times stressful but enjoyable week of supporting our colleagues in the National Ambulance Service and HSE, we along with our friends in Order of Malta and Irish Red Cross have been stood down . The computers and screens in JVCC have been turned off and put away. It’s time for all of us who crewed an Ambulance, 4×4 vehicle or coordinated the fleet in JVCC to take a breather and enjoy the rest.

To the many,many volunteers who assisted over the last week and to our families, we say “THANK YOU”.