Quick thinking saves man’s life

Well done to Cork City Division member Ciara O’Callaghan who assisted an elderly gentleman on Christmas Eve while at work in Cork City Centre.

Ciara O’Callaghan, a member of the division for the last three years, drew on her CPR and defibrillator training when a member of the public came in to see if anyone knew CPR.

Having realised that the gentleman’s heart had stopped Ciara began CPR and deployed a nearby public automated external defibrillator (AED), delivering two shocks before the arrival of the ambulance service.  The gentleman is now recovering well in hospital.

CPR is a skill everyone can and should learn. Early CPR is one of the key links in the chain of survival, as Ciara showed, and can greatly increase the chances of survival of a person who experiences a cardiac arrest outside a hospital setting.

St John Ambulance Ireland regularly run CPR and AED courses in Cork City, Cork County and across the country. Check our website, https://www.stjohn.ie for course dates!