Foxrock Divisional Inspection 2017

Divisional inspections are a yearly occurrence for all St.John Ambulance Divisions around the country. It can be a stressful time for management members in the Division as accounts are balanced off and structure of meetings examined. We at Foxrock would like to especially thank Acting Superintendent Stephen Howett and Acting Second Divisional Officer Graham Knight for all their dedication and hard work at running our successful Division. 

Thankfully here in Foxrock, we have a very experienced management team running our Division to its full potential. Our Members were all able to attend and show of some of… Continue reading

Belvo Minis: Irelands Future Star’s 15/10/2017

It was a beautiful autumnal Sunday morning as Conor and I started the regular Divisional duty as members of St. John Ambulance at the ‘Belvo Minis’.

The Old Belvedere Mini Rugby programme is for boys and girls between the ages of 6 and 12 who want to learn to play Rugby. Matches and Training take place every Sunday morning during the season from 9am – 1pm.  There are eight head coaches organising and training the kids each Sunday morning. Each coach has been trained in First Aid.

The training starts at 9am for the 6 to 9 year olds.… Continue reading

Training Scenario: Shooting at the Aviva 02/10/2017

The Monday 02/10/2017 started out like any other typical Monday training session. Everyone was chatting and listening as Cadet Superintendent Karen Egan and Adult Corporal Colin Egan ran through the usual lectures on bandaging techniques and burn care when suddenly we hear shouts and screams from the lower corridor. Naturally we all race from the room. There must of been twelve of us. we found Cadet Officer Aoife Duffy standing at the entrance to the hall with three kit bags and a scenario for us….

“A mass shooting had just happened outside the Aviva Stadium and you and your team… Continue reading

Assisting Our Local Rugby Community

Foxrock member’s were once again out in force to help support our local rugby club team’s on Friday 06/07/2017. This much anticipated match between De La Salle rugby club versus University College Dublin (UCD) rugby club was a highly speculated match as the winner would be one step closer to the final of the league. The local’s had been excitedly talking about the outcome for the last few weeks so we knew there would be a big turnout from the locals. Five Foxrock members ranging in abundance of skill and levels volunteered to help out at the duty and our… Continue reading

Surprise tribute at Dominican Ball

Last night some of our volunteers attended the Ball for the Dominican Order held in the West-court hotel.  The church had organised a number of events over the last few years, which the volunteers from St John ambulance provided medical cover at.  Unknown to us all Fr Jim Donleavy had more plans for us.

On the night while doing his speeches he decided to tell everyone how thankful he was of the support of St John Ambulance, He presented a lovely award as a tribute to thank the volunteer members, Acting- Officer In Charge Emma Jane… Continue reading

European Sand yachting Event

Drogheda Division provided Medical cover for the European Sand yachting event held on Bettystown/Laytown Beach in Co.Meath. Our crews were up nice and early each day to ensure the participants and spectators had a safe week . The event itself ran over 6 days which included a training day.

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